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Following the guidelines and the developments, all services of “One Child – One World” (EPEK) concerning the departments of counselling, psychological support, social work, prevention and early intervention and the educational department, will continue to be offered through teleworking for the month of May as well.

During the first two weeks of the “lock down”, the effort of all colleagues of EPEK made it possible for our services, and more importantly the communication between individuals and families, to be possible and as far as it can be, effective and essential.

Door-to-door the department of management, distributed goods such as food supplies and medicine but also educational and recreational material for the families that experienced further difficulties.  Counselling and psychological support and teaching continue to be offered through teleworking, choosing the means of communication most suitable for each family, taking under consideration the needs but also the “characteristics” (technology, space, people) of each household.

We are as close as possible to the families we worked with, without having physical contact and in accordance to the guidelines of the State for the welfare and safety of all.

Emergency referrals and new collaborations are possible after evaluating the request and our ability to support it.  

Although we are certainly proud for managing to operate from “a distance”, we must say how much we all miss to work “in person” and “together”.

Being an organization based on the human connection, the handshake, the eye contact, essential parts to our professional and human collaborations, the challenges that occurred by this new work condition were plenty.

Wishing “tomorrow” will find us again “together”, maybe by reducing all that we feel that keep us apart and stressing all those that bring us close.

Let the obligatory for this period social distancing, not bring us in distance of our values that of the  human rights, equality and  freedom for all.

The whole team of EPEK is at your disposal either by phone (210 – 8838512) or via  email (

Roza-Liza Lykourezou
On behalf of the board of trustees of “One Child – One World”

The psychologist Arthur Aaron has shown that if two people look into each other’s eyes for 4 minutes, they “come closer” to one another. The experiment took place among refugees and European citizens and the result was deeply… human.
Look Beyond Borders – 4 minutes experiment

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